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Abstract drawings of figures and portraits are a fascinating art form with which I explored the human form and expressed emotional and spiritual dimensions through abstract shapes and lines. These drawings rely on abstraction to convey feelings, thoughts or ideas, rather than literal depictions of actual figures or portraits.

Bonan posttagmezon,
Oranĝa min ( Orange me )
"Abstraktaĵo sinjorino Veronika"("Abstract Mrs. Veronika")
"Demandosigno"("Question mark")
"Bonan nokton"("Good night")
"Flava minuto"("Yellow minute")21 x 29 cm,380€
"Kolora portreto""Colorful portrait"21 x 29 cm,370€
color draw
"Blua"  ("Blue")21 x 29 cm,360€
"Amuzo"("Fun")21 x 29 cm,370€
"Bonajn sonĝojn"("Sweet Dreams")21 x 29 cm,390€
"Triunuo"("Trinity")21 x 29 cm,370€
color draw

©Copyright 2023 Jasmina Spahic

color draw
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